Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What I Remember

My brother is running with me through the pines. We are flying.

I think if my foot hits one of the trees that it will be unbearable. I try to tell him but nothing comes out only screams.

We were running to the school bus…I was falling. I see my foot, no sock, no shoe, some curious spots of blood, and then the crush of pain. Ten years old and broken just like that.

My brother runs with me in his arms, it is the pines I fear.

I am lying on the floor of my home. Neighbors hover over me. Mom. Dad. I recall Mr. Harley. What to do what to do…ambulance, no, we’ll take him. Take him now!

I wake up...bright light, a doctor and I go under again. Falling.

My brother flew with me in the pines.

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