Monday, April 6, 2009

First Runner, Only Runner

My mom told me I ran before I walked. This pic is from an old home movie at White Point Gardens ("The Battery") in Charleston, SC. My brother Mark is a newborn so I am about 7. I still have the cowboy shirt I am running in.

I really didn't think of running as something apart from myself when I was little, it was only later when I lost a school race did I realize I wasn't Running, that others did it and it wasn't mine alone, and Running wasn't Me. How could anyone be faster than me, it made no sense and was difficult to accept. It was a first step to losing childhood naivete, something better learned sooner than later. We have an old home movie of that PlayDay race at Oakland Elementary school, and the instant replay contains the truth...

It is nice to have that old zen memory, of being that pure without effort a lifetime ago. I am looking to catch a glimpse again.

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