Friday, April 24, 2009

April 23 - 24: Lose 5 - 7, Gain 5 - 7

April 23

I met with my PT person, Cathy, and my nurse, Linda, who will work with me until I go back to my magical life as El Director del IT. I plan to start back May 4, working half days and then full days as long as I can keep the swelling controlled.

Both women have the same good attitude, it comes to mind that this usually means the people love their jobs and/or the companies they work for. All I know is that positive = good, negative = bad, and ah hates Chicken Little.

I won't be under their care for very long, but they will make sure I am doing my exercises (try THIS without a foot, Balboa!) and that Baxter isn't chewing on my residuum while I am napping.

April 24

I fixed my favorite quick breakfast, toasted bagel with natural almond (or peanut) butter topped with wheat germ, sliced banana, orange juice and french roast coffee. I took my pills and vitamins while catching up on the latest way to to reduce debt by digging a bottomless pit. But that's why I'm in IT, and not a lawyer.

I did my own PT today, all the exercises I was given plus I took a short walker tour of one of the flower beds where the daylilies are starting to bloom. While I was doing my floor sets, Baxter sidled up to me and laid down. He's such a sweet dog.

The photo is one Jennifer took of an early bloomer. I planted a number of bulbs two weeks before my surgery and they are starting to gush color. "Come look at us!" they tempt me through the front door...see above.

I had some delicious homemade vegetable soup (that came with the casserole delivery), pasta salad, bread and cookies for lunch. I tried to nap but I've couldn't quite doze off. After I do PT for a long time I feel my phantoms toes burning. The sensation rose slightly over the threshold from uncomfortable to maybe a 2 on the pain scale. This lasted until I went to sleep and was fine this morning.

I kept thinking about my old roommate Joe. He was having some complications and I wasn't sure he'd even be in the same room when I called. More good news...he is improving and sounding so much better than when I left. When I got off the phone I had to sit silent for a few moments. Thank you for taking care of Joe.

Jennifer and I discussed my coming home was hard to put that into words as it was as much feelings as it was events. I am very happy to be home. As I write this I see a palmetto tree framed in the front door, potted flowers along the sidewalk and an anole in search of his lunch. Much to the dismay of my sweetie, I like to leave the front porch light on for the tree frogs as much as security. Since there is a small wetland in our backyard, the population of China pales in comparison to the numbers of mosquito and no-see-ums (flying teeth) bloodsucking angels from hell. Because we are near barrier islands where sea turtles nest, you often see "Lights Off For Sea Turtles" bumper stickers on 95% of the Volvos in the area. I prefer "Lights ON For Tree Frogs" because I don't believe in animal discrimination. ;-)

My mom has been staying with us the past few days to help Jennifer with my maximum caloric uptake (MCU^∞) and has been doing a fine job of stuffing me with chocolate chop oatmeal cookies, coffee cake, creme cheese squares as well as a number of get well soon goodies from my compadres. My sister Marcia picked her up just before a brownie was extruded through my gills.

Felt sleepy around 10 pm and we called it a day. I am beginning to think my dead foot is in hell because it burns so much. Hmm...

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