Friday, April 10, 2009


Jack Crabb: You'd better watch out. They're whittlin' you down. You can't afford to lose any more of your parts.

Mr. Meriweather: Every business has a particle of risk.


I developed my running phrase - it is a good day to run - after Grandfather in the book "Little Big Man" by Thomas Berger. The movie is a favorite of mine too. I believe the original phrase was a Lakota war cry.

"The buffalo eats grass, I eat him, and when I die, the earth eats me and sprouts more grass. Therefore nothing is ever lost, and each thing is forever, though all things move."

When facing death, Grandfather says:

"Come out and fight!...It is a good day to die!"

So no matter what the weather, the adversity, or other obstacles before you, remember: IIAGDTR. Say it next time you stand shoulder to shoulder with the other warriors waiting for the starting gun:

(My intact right leg in black shorts/gold stripe at the CRBR)



"Men, today we die a little." 

- Emil Zatopek at the start of the 1956 Olympic Marathon

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