Friday, April 17, 2009

April 17 - Head 'em up, move 'em out, rawhide!

I had a good night's sleep, about on par with my
normal pattern. I was awakened around 4 am to have my vitals checked, and I finished the previous day's blog before falling asleep until breakfast. There is a good chance I won't be able to do that in the new ward as I have been deported to rehab, leaving my beloved room number 7020 behind. I hope I was able impart to the staff there how much I appreciated all they did for me, god bless them everyone.

After breakfast I did my Hall-Hop Corridor Walker Tour 2009, single sleeved event tees to be distributed at a later date. I thought I'd be going to rehab this morning, but by the time the paperwork was completed it was after 6 p.m. At lunch time my friend and coworker Steve Blackwell dropped in for a good visit before he headed home. Steve mentioned how yoga cured some back problems that have pestered him for years. Jennifer and Nancy used to do yoga, because of my foot I didn't bother trying...I might reconsider once I get my new toys. All I know is I love saying "downward facing dog!" every time the pooch stretches.

Whoop-ee-ti-yi-o get along little doggies,
It's your misfortune and not of my own.
Whoop-ee-ti-yi-o get along little doggies,
You know that Wyoming will be your new home.
- Woody Guthrie

Right now I'm trying to remember when my open wound drain was pulled out of my stump. I think it was this morning after the arm IV was removed and I decided maybe I should become a plasticized triathlete, in particular the omnipresent hairless male variety. Well now I am hairless where the follicle roots were excavated by the lightspeed removal of the medical tape. Wait a can I whine when I know some pathetic guy who just had his foot amputated?

Oh crap, that was me.

Speaking of amputations, a doc from rehab examined the residuum and we talked about the history a bit...I credit poor Jennifer for not drooling and then falling unconscious as I discussed the details again. I truly don't mind because the professionals need the information to do their jobs, but if I lose my voice I'm sure Jennifer can accurately regurgitate "Dwyer osteotomies of first metatarsal and calcaneus, blah blah blah talus debridement and peroneal tendon repairs,blah blah blah" Zzzzz....

I am going 5 -6 hours between pain pills, getting ready to have one now after 5 1/2 hours. I might need more in 15 minutes as...

Roper Rehab is basically a hospital in the hospital. I now have a roommate, a gentleman who is snoring as I write this after losing his remote and setting off some kind of rather irritating alarm twice...I think it warns when he is about to fall out of the bed. I was thinking I might not complete this post tonight, but upon this recent development I will be able to translate "Crime and Punishment" into French by daybreak, learning French in the process.

Oh me oh moi.

While I was going over my history with the Jessica my rehab nurse "Dwyer osteotomies of first metatarsal and calcaneus, blah blah blah talus debridement and peroneal tendon repairs,blah blah blah" I went to point to where I had my talus debridement on right foot. I reached down and to put my finger on the scar and had to laugh.

I was pointing into thin air.


  1. Hi Richard, I've been wondering where you've been. Sorry to hear of your problems, but it sure sounds like you have the right attitude! You know you can count on my if you need anything, just leave me a message! If you want my phone number, just let me know.

    Bob comer

  2. Hi Bob,

    I like dealing with problems decisively. :-) Truly, with the pain gone and the ankle limitation lifted, I have never been happier. Also the support such as yours gives me a nice shield against the dreaded bad vibes. I will likely go home to tomorrow, you are welcome to come visit if you like.

  3. Hi Richard,

    Sounds good about going home -- there's just something special about your own bed. (and no nurses taking vitals in the middle of the night, just after you get really comfortable.) Seriously, I've always had nice people deal with me when I was in the hospital too, just like you described. I have to wonder if the ones with bad stories had something to do with that themselves.

    I better not come, I'm a bit under the weather and I wouldn't want to pass something on.(cold, maybe flu + a sinus infection)

    Keep up the good thoughts!

    Bob Comer

  4. Hi Richard,

    What an amazing story, I read the whole thing from the bottom up. And you are one amazing guy. And your wife has an incredibly beautiful smile!

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that one more person is in your corner, cheering you on for a complete and speedy recovery. And I know everybody can't wait to see pics of you running again when that day comes. :)

    all the best,

    Ellen K.

  5. Hi Ellen,

    I thought I had responded last night but my roommate was causing a ruckus and I must not have hit publish.

    Thank you for the kind words! I feel the support I've received ahs made a real, physical improvement in my recovery and subsequent life. The new prosthetic feet are mucho cool and I am looking forward to seeing one at the end of my leg soon.