Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 26 - The Great Outdoors

I slept okay last night, I got my hours in but had to get up several times for the usual pit stops and once to let the senior cat out of the room for the same call of nature. "Little" is 15 years old, so she gets a little extra freedom these days.

After breakfast I did a long lower body workout, I want my right thigh to lose as little mass as possible. Jennifer took Baxter to the beach so I didn't have any help holding down the mat, given the food we have in the house I think he may be relieved of that chore if I don't close The Pit.


I finally went outside today. Jen and I took Baxter to an open field in our neighborhood. With minimal help I was able to negotiate the chair out the front door, down one step to the sidewalk, and then down the driveway to the road. The driveway does have a bit of a grade compared to most houses here so I had to slow myself a la Fred Flintstone to bleed off speed.

Our good neighbor Charlie was out blowing yard debris out of the curb; Charlie and his wife are among the nicest people on this planet, and I know they will understand what we am going though. Still, although I was ready to be outside I wasn't ready to chat about Ertl amputations, carbon fiber feet, and running again in the near future. I just want to go outside, see the flowers I planted, walk the dog with my wife like we use to do, enjoy the sunshine and blue skies, and avoid the flying teeth if at all possible. I had been telling my neighbors I needed one more operation to fix my problem and I can't imagine they thought amputation was the answer.

I hurried down the road, saving the conversation for another day. It did feel good to be outside, and although I was a little self-conscious of my appearance, it bothered me less than a zit on the forehead, which I was sporting just before surgery. Nature really tries to dissuade the older, wiser among us from being attractive rite-of-spring-break types.

It was fun watching Jennifer throw the kong toy for Baxter to chase, he is quite a sprinter and with his fur and mane flying he was Super Dog...we need to get him a cape. Jen and me too. Okay, Baxter and me. And little silver wings for the feet. Any more would be a fashion faux pas, apropos for Baxter but ridiculous for moi.

On the way back I found getting up the driveway a bit challenging. I'm no Sisyphus and good thing the chair has brakes. After a bit of pondering Jen got my walker and I hopped in the house as the steps up proved too tough to negotiate on our narrow walk. I also had a problem with cars and trailers parked on the sidewalk; I haven't mastered the levitation exercise yet and, as mentioned, we only recently discussed superhero wear.

Tomorrow I will most likely get my stitches removed. Right now this is the only thing in my recovery I am dreading. I've had stitches from the top of my head (basketball) to the bottom of my feet (bullfrog catching) and most points in between so I have earned my scars and dislike of those tiny lines of parallel holes in my flesh. I chewed on a cloth when the PA played tug-of-war with them in my foot last time and my jaws were sore for days afterward. Grrr....

Just saying a 'man's gotta know his limitations' and pulling thread out of my wounds is right at the top. Pics to follow. ] ;-)


  1. Sounds like you are doing great! Glad to hear you are able to get outside. Carol just told me that she has phantom pain firing off just looking at your pictures (LOL). Something about stabbing in her foot! She's laughing about it.

  2. Oh man, I'd say phantom pain now is higher than the surgical site pain although it's impossible to know what those severed nerve ending are thinking about other than 'say what???' = :-)

    How is Carol doing? She has such a good attitude about it which I hope will get her through this recovery onto a pain free life. I love it: 'Pain, what pain, I laugh at you!'