Monday, November 30, 2009

Pet Peeve

Caution: Rant on.

When I came back from lunch on November 23, I found this pickup truck parked on the handicap painted aisle, effectively not only squatting on two handicap parking spaces but also blocking the wheelchair ramp at the sidewalk.

I posted this photo on Twitter to the Mt. Pleasant Police Department and was told to call them to have an officer dispatched. Before I could call the vehicle left the lot.

There is no disabled license plate on the truck and there was no hanging placard from its rear view mirror.

To think of the total disregard not only for the law but for disabled people who need this access by this person disgusts me. Your convenience is NOT your right.

I use handicap spaces because I need extra room to exit my vehicle without opening the door into the adjacent vehicle. Originally I thought I would not need the disabled placard or license plate but most times I do for this very reason.

Should I see this vehicle parked here again I will not hesitate to call the police first. I don't care if all handicap spaces are available, you are wrong to assume you have a right to any of them if you are not personally disabled. Those who have disabled placards by false pretensions have been reported to Santa already. That lump of coal is no mistake.

Rant off.

For everyone else who do honor the handicap spots and go out of your way to lend a helping hand when needed, thank you. Goodness is something you cannot buy.

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