Saturday, November 21, 2009

Interval Time

On Friday, I did my first speedwork session at the town track, this is the same track that I ran my first amp mile on September 26th. I left work at noon and came home to change clothes, excited about my workout place: 1 mi warm up (wu) with 6 x 200 and then a half mile cool down (cd). I would jog the 200 m rest interval.

When I got to the track, I found a lot of school kids milling about. Apparently the middle school has rights to the town recreation facilities and the kids were walking back and forth from the soccer fields. They seemed aware not to be on the track, however, which would have made it unusable. I placed my amp bag on a bench, feeling a little self-conscious of myself, did a few light stretches and started my mile.

It takes a while to get in a rhythm, one I have not yet felt on par with my able-bodied self and not sure I ever will. I do hope over time it will feel more normal and I will not be so aware of my prosthetic. I end up running around a 9:30 mile, not bad but definitely a little fast for my current condition, do some more light stretching, drink some Gatorade, and start the heart of the work.

I am wearing my Garmin 301 watch, great for distance work but not so great for intervals as it is large and the lap button is too close to the stop button. I missed the first 2oo by hitting said stop button, which does not record the lap...I am guessing it was around 60s. I use to use my older Timex Ironman watch for track intervals, I'll have to dig it out for this next time. I've forgotten a few things while on the DL.

My other 200s weren't bad, all things considered: 56, 56, 57, 54, and 53. An upright start with my good leg, then loading my body weight over my prosthetic seemed to work well. It felt very good to stride out some, since everyday easy running has a much shorter gait.

Why 200s? These give me a taste of speed work without the danger of overdoing it, works on my stride mechanics, and gives me confidence to build longer intervals over time. I am still in a long base building period given my long absence from my sport, but the legs need to remember what it's like to run faster. And, btw, I like it.


On Thanksgiving Day, the lovely Jennifer and I will be running the Turkey Day 5k in Charleston. This will be my first local race, where many of my old running posse will see me for the first time in over two years. I still am very self-conscious of my new appearance; this was only a secondary thought when I decided to have my foot removed. Now the attention makes me slightly uneasy, but once I get rolling that feeling is mostly lost in running.

I think it's going to be a good day to run and I am very much looking forward to it. It's one of the largest 5ks in the area so there will be plenty of company on the course in The Holy City. Then across town for dinner with the family.

I'll have a leg, please.

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