Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cough It Up

The past few nights I have been coughing more than a politician found stuffing the ballet box. Not talking about Chicago politics here, but a nagging cough that appears more often than dead voters in the Windy City do. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Last night it was hack HACK hack. I took a little more cough medicine than recommended as I was getting a headache from all the respiratory ruckus. This was accomplished while consuming two snackpacks of Mr. Salty chocolate covered pretzels. As the various ads would say, I deserved to treat myself to the indulged depravity because, well, I'm worth it. Yeah, that's the rationalized ticket. Unfortunately, I understand toga-clad marketeers and they have little truck with me. That's why I had two instead of one.

Finally I fell asleep for perhaps 4 hours of sweet, uninterrupted bliss. Woke up knowing I had Friday off and for a bonus, a cough syrup hangover of sorts. For the rest of the day I had only some muted barking, none of the bone fracturing, throat ripping, marriage dissolving spasms of phlegm expulsions of yore. Nice.

I visited Larry at Floyd Brace to get a minor adjustment to my socket, something he recommended that I do if needed before the race. The race? Yes, this evening I ran 2 slow miles on the treadmill to see if it would induce the convulsions that would spell disappointment and spectatorship. I survived with only some occasional rasps. I will race.

We mosey up to Conway Friday after dropping Baxter off at my mom's for spoilage to occur. On Saturday Jen-nay will run the half marathon and I will attempt to finish the 8k without walking. The forecast is for nearly perfect weather so all systems are a go, except for me not training a week due to something that could have been prevented if only...oh, sorry, no need to bring reality to this particular perfect picture.


Tomorrow we figure out what we will likely wear...our running "outfits" as stepdaughter Princess Becca would say. Always prepare to be a little colder and a little warmer, a little wetter and a littler sunnier. And know if there is an expo, you can usually buy there what you left at home.

I've taken my bath, put Drysol on my residual, and thoroughly checked out my incision line and former trouble spots for problems. Having used Drysol earlier in the week, this application didn't sting nearly as much. Time to finish up and go to bed.

I am thinking of two days, April 14 and November 14, 2009. Seven months and two lifetimes. One finished and one started.

And one thing to do.



  1. Have a great time in Conway and RLH! No matter what, it will be a Good Day To Run!

  2. Thank you Joan. Have a great LV race yourself and I know you only know how to RLH!

  3. Hi Richard,

    Off-topic but on the main topic, tomorrow's NYT magazine has an article entitled "Are High-Tech Prostheses Fair?" at

    Hope your flu is all gone by now,


  4. As a once able-bodied and now challenged athlete I find any argument that prosthetics give an amputee an unfair advantage to be spectacularly ridiculous. The human body PRODUCES power in the legs and feet and the best a prosthetic can do is store some of the energy of a footstrike. There is not a single WR set by an amputee besting that of an abled-bodied runner AFAIK. People of intelligence often lose their common sense.

  5. can't wait to see a pic of the outfits you ended up with. :-) so proud of you Richard! where's the race recap?!

  6. Hi Princess!

    Just started working on the race report today, hope to have it blogged in the next day or two or three.

    Looking forward to Christmas!

    - Richard