Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ossur Responds to Weyand / Bundle

Here is the Ossur's response to those scientists' claim that the slower Oscar Pistorius has an advantage over his faster competitors.

I suppose this will have to generate more time and expense to defend the obvious, that could otherwise go into research for amputees.

Thanks for nothing, Weyand, Bundle, Ross, et. al. Maybe you should find a positive line of work to help the disabled instead of attempting to tear them - or even one - down.

From an article here that quotes this "scientist" Weyand:

"Based on the data collected at Rice, the blades do not confer an enhanced ability to hold speed over a 400m race," Weyand said. "Nor does our research support the IAAF's claims of how the blades provide some sort of mechanical advantage for sprinting."

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