Monday, November 9, 2009

Sick Bay

Here I sit on the couch, doing a little telecommuting while faithful dog Baxter snores at my side. I am taking my temperature; my normal range is usually 97.2 - 97.6. Beep goes the alarm: 98.4. Not much and it's been no higher than 98.8, but along with the coughing and congestion I am not in condition to do my 8k race this weekend unless I get better and better in a hurry. I haven't run since last Wednesday and I just pushed my longest run to 5 miles the week before.

Since this would be a participation event on my part, I had no specific time goals in mind other than to be able to pick it up a little at the finish and to run without the distance itself being a problem. To these noble but modest goals I felt I was on track...on track until I came down with the flu.

There are a number of nearby races this weekend, 4 that I know of. It is entirely possible even if I finish last in my AG that I might still be in the top 3, which as most AGers know puts you into the glory of plastic hardware, coffee mugs, or other highly valued items of running prowess. I have plans for any tokens of success that I might have, so any will mean a great deal to me no matter how long it takes to drag wee bodkin across the finish line.

If I do not run this race, we will be running Turkey Day 5k in Charleston on Thanksgiving Day. This was to be my original first race as an amputee, so it's all good, and it would be a perfect way to return to my running flock.

We shall see what tomorrow brings.


  1. Hi Richard,

    Sorry to hear you are still sick and might have to miss the race you planned. Get well soon. :)

    Separately, very interested to learn about your low normal body temperature. I have this also. Do you know anything about what it signifies?


  2. Here's to recovery and heading back out on the road again soon!

  3. Hi Ellen,

    I'm back at work today, temperature was 97.2 which is usually what I have when it is taken.

    As a normal temperature, I was told years ago body temps vary and not to worry about it. I recall reading a lower temp may make you more susceptible to some bugs.

    It's probably like HR, if you go by statistics or averages you won't really know what are your max and resting rates...and why it will vary in the individual.

  4. Thanks Mike, probably going to be a few more days, hope you are able to miss the swine parade!