Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rain Out

Unless it was lightning - and occasionally if I was caught out by surprise - I would run in the rain in my past life, in fact I liked feeling that extra bit of self-satisfaction when I finished. And I can't say I would have found any on-looker's comment "look at that crazy runner!" to be anything other than flattering. It's also nice to mutter, just before heading out the door while looking at the gentle drizzle or driving storm:

It is a good day to run.

Because one day it will be the last day and you do not know when it will be.


With my current prosthesis - and the freakishly creepy foot shell - running in the rain presents real problems. The foot shell would actually hold about a cup of water, and my socket would also likely fill with more moisture although I haven't had the pleasure of a real-world experience yet.

It was pouring on Wednesday morning, cats and dogs and pachyderms. I came home at lunch thinking I might have to run on the treadmill and later after work to get my mileage in. It worked out, though, and I was able to run 6 miles outside around 11 min. pace with only one equipment adjustment, the silver sheath liner slide down around my somewhat tender knee owie and needed to be rolled down a bit lower. It stormed like mad in the evening with threats of tornadoes.

I hope I can run in the rain without too much concern in the future. I really am not partial to excuses, although I have a backup with the treadmill. I prefer to use it when it makes sense, like being short of time, lightening striking here and there, or if it's so hot that running outside would have a detrimental effect on my training and/or general health; a heatstroke is not a red badge of toughness.

A running foot would remove the creepy foot shell from cistern duties, as well as my not having to spend considerable time cleaning my walking foot and drying the soaked liner. Still patiently waiting on that item but thinking about it no less.

In the meantime my Freedom Innovations Renegade LP does allow me to run about as well I am able given my current state of fitness, yet there are times I feel it is holding me back somewhat. The design of this foot does have some characteristics of its cousin, the Nitro. I know my CP is trying to obtain a running foot for me, and I am soon approaching the point where my residual limb will be more stable in volume loss and I will need definite prostheses.

One day in 2010 I will look out on a cold, cloudless, rainy day, slip on my blade, and head out the door thinking....well, you know what:

It is a good day to run!

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