Monday, December 7, 2009

30 Mile Milestone

A whole me, 12/20/2003

30 miles for last week's total, I had to work to get it in around all things life, but I did it.

With this week's 5k race in Charlotte I will try to at least get 30 in again before pushing up the mileage hill next week. I ran 3 at lunch today on the treadmill and had to hustle because of an early afternoon meeting. It went well even though I did my longest run so far of 7 miles on Sunday, my legs recovered quickly. I'm now going to have to look into recovery drinks and gels and junk, stuff I use to use "back in that day" that I am going to need again. Yay!

Looks like this next 5k will be mostly uphill for the last half mile or so, which might make a faster run than Turkey Day somewhat difficult. I really like running hills but know they do not inspire PRs. If I break 30 minutes on this course it will be unexpected, running the same time would be reasonable but I don't think I would be terribly happy about it even so.

I plan to run 6 tomorrow and then do 4 or 5 on Wednesday with 4x400m just for yucks...well, not really for yucks as all workouts should serve a purpose. After doing the 8 x 200m last Friday this seems like a logical progression to start building a little speed stamina with the increased distances. Since I'm going to be in base building for a while, most speed work is just to get the legs moving a little faster while helping later when I hit it hard. I'll talk more about my theory of training later, but it is the basic rule of easy/hard carried from workouts to weeks to months ending with a goal race or two.

There is talking and then there is doing. I prefer the latter so I best get at it!

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