Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Very Good Week

I ran 8 miles on Sunday; my longest amp run to date and my week's mileage was 34. My weekday mileage was 2,4,6,6,4,4, and 8. Since running Charlotte I've had a hint of piriformis syndrome and I've had to back off my pace a little and stretch during my runs; also I did no speedwork. Since building the base is the goal, I feel good I was able to make this mileage this week. The good thing at my age I've had most runner's common injuries and those I haven't had Jennifer has experienced so we know what treatment to do in most cases.

Unfortunately for Jennifer, she twisted her ankle rather severely while running to my SUV on Friday. She works downtown and we had some flooding rains that would have floated her VW Bug away, so the Man of Stainless Steel had to drive the Pilot down to rescue her. Traffic was backed up everywhere and many streets were closed. Jennifer didn't want us to have to deal with the traffic in front of her building so she ran out to the main road and I saw her do a little dip and grimace and knew immediately what she had done. She's going to the doc tomorrow to have it checked and make sure she didn't break anything.

Next week I expect my mileage to drop off but I will try to squeeze in the miles where I can. Since we will be in the Chicago area and snow is expected, I'd love to have the opportunity to run amid the flakes. I have the following week off so I can train like a Kenyan.

My 8 miles today was very easy; since I'm training consistently and getting solid weekly mileage the long(er) run isn't a struggle. I did have one extended stop just after 5 miles to pull off my liner and check my prosthetic sock fit; I felt I had hot spots developing below the kneecap and the fibula head and wanted to make sure I wasn't taking any skin off. Fortunately everything looked good and my adjusted socks felt quite good when I took off.

I felt really good on my last mile, an although a time of 9:37 is not exactly world class, I did feel like I was running and not jogging, and I had a good rhythm and form. Also my piriformis felt better and gave me little trouble. Finishing strong always helps instill a feeling of accomplishment and confidence, and confidence is a key for serious racing.

Even though it will be tough to get in runs next week, I am taking Monday off to rest the piriformis. I am scheduled for an easier week, just don't want it to be too easy, and I hope to manage at least 20 miles. Maybe 2 or 3 in a snow shower and who knows, maybe a pic for next year's Christmas card.

"And this is a picture of Richard just before he slipped and broke his...."


  1. Richard, I do not read your blog often enough. I am amazed at the miles you are doing. I seem to remember when you were nervous about a 5k. And now you are not altogether pleased when your last mile of a an eight mile run is in the 9 minute range.

    Keep up all your work and training. I hope to go for a run with you someday... Have a great Christmas - Adam

  2. Hi Adam,

    I should clarify I was pleased with feeling good with that final 9 minute mile, it was a good finish to the run.

    Good luck at Disney! Who knows, maybe we can run a marathon someday...I am tentatively thinking about Kiawah 2010 but nothing definite yet.

    Merry Christmas!

    - Richard