Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sat'day Night

With the exception of school kids on the track distracting my focus, I had a good workout on Friday. I thought I would run at least 4 miles total including the intervals - 8 x 200m with 200m rest jogs. Turned out I ran 6 miles: 2 warmup, the intervals, and 2 cooldown.

When I arrived it was cool and overcast, sprinkling a little on my trip of about 4 miles. I figured if it rained I would see how it would really affect my prosthesis, something I will need to know anyway. There were a couple of people walking when I arrived, though both soon departed. Later another runner did a few miles but also left before I finished.

A teacher came over with maybe 20 kids and I heard him tell them to stay off the inside lanes...if you know kids this came out: try not to let me see you while you get in the inside lanes. I had one near miss while a kid kicked a ball in front of me; I simply cannot stop quickly with my prosthetic leg, not to mention how this disturbs my concentration while trying to run hard. I don't want to be an angry old geezer, I just want to run. In the future I'll have to speak to the adult and ask for more cooperation.

Anyhow, I ran my 200s in 54, 55, 54, 55, 52, 53, 51, and 49. I pushed a bit on the last one to break 50, one of those many small goals that build to the larger ones. From my last 200 workout I could feel the improvement in my fitness; I should continue to make solid gains and more once I get my running foot. If you've ever worn a boot-type cast, imagine it fitting more snugly and you have an idea of the overall feeling of running in a prosthesis although the latter fits better and is easier to move through the gait cycle.

When I finished I noticed I could park on the far side if the track, which is actually closer to the start/finish line. Also I had a realization of something I hadn't had in a while, the passing of other runners and groups of people coming and going while I did my workout. When I left another group of kids were making there way to the track and I was glad I was done. The teacher did ask if they ran me off and I said no, I was done but I did appreciate the consideration.

My goal this week is 30 miles which, barring any skin problems, should be attained. Many years ago I ran a sub-20 5k on this amount of mileage but much more speedwork. 30 mi/wk is a first stop on my mileage road, if/when I do another marathon I like to push this upward to 60 or more. The most mileage I ever did was in the lower 80s, and I felt great. Given the extra time it takes to monkey with the prosthesis I'm not sure I'll ever be able to do this amount of mileage again but we'll see. There is always the balance of quality and quantity and a plan to get you to your destination.

My racing goals are modest for now, mainly using 5ks as disguised speedwork. Next time goal will be sub 30 minutes, then I hope to work my way down to the lower 20s; I will need my running prosthesis soon to avoid having an anchor on my leg and my training.

I'm planning on running 4 miles today and 7 tomorrow for my 30 miles. Morning storms are clearing here so I will be heading out in an hour or so. (Update: 4 miles done.) The 7 tomorrow will also be my longest run to date and the weather should be nearly perfect. Jennifer has a 10-miler scheduled so we'll run some together.

And that should be a good ending to another goal-setting week.


  1. Do you know when you will be getting the new running blade Richard?

  2. Rick, I have no definitive date yet per my CP, but I am hoping in Jan/Feb when I should be getting my definitive prostheses. I'm looking forward to this day way more than Christmas!