Sunday, December 6, 2009

Goal Setting

I have been thinking about what more specific goals I may want to set for myself in the future. I am still a long way from being in shape, but now that I am running more consistently this thought creeps into my head.

After a frustrating Google search, I could find no US National records for any amputee distance running. No 5k. No marathon. Nothing, although I did get plenty of hits for Rick Ball, Richard Whitehead, and Amy Palmiero-Winters but no listing of times or records for my sex or AG in the US.

I contacted Scott Rigsby who told me there are no official records...are you kidding me? It does appear to be true as I write this, only distance records I can find are US Paralympic 800m and lower, in other words, sprint distances. Wow.

In marathons I see wheelchair racers have a category, but not amputees or even disabled. Maybe it's the HUGE advantage we one- and two-legged hoppers have with these amazing prosthetics, since we win all the races we enter and set world records with the greatest of ease. Okay, that was sarcastic but you get the picture. But no, I'm not wanting to trot home with a trophy because I might be the only T44 class amputee in a race, but I would like to have some official times and records to hold up as goals for my training. I am quite happy - ecstatic even - to be running with my able-bodied pals, but we all want to know the mountains we climb.

I am continuing to look into this, and will post any US national/AG records as I can find them. I am even more impressed with what Amy Palmiero-Winters has accomplished, as her marathon time may be the best for any US runner, male or female. You are an animal, Amy!

Time to get ready for the Sunday 7. Temperature is 52oF as I write this, very light breeze at times, should be a good day to run with Jennifer.


  1. Just ran a 5k 27:11 bk amputee on a ossur flex run blade , I am really curious to know other amputees times , can't find any none 0
    39 turning 40 at the end of may
    Can't believe we don't have a class yet
    You raise a great point hopefully we can get it right

    1. Hi Marc! That is an excellent time. There just isn't any record keeping for us like there is for other athletes. The IPC in the past would not even allow us to compete in the marathon. I know guys that run well under 20 min., it can be very competitive in the amputee divisions.