Sunday, February 3, 2013

Waiting Room

This past week brought no news about my insurance appeal. Our agent is unable to get a response from the company, so I can't make any plans to get new prostheses. Because I have well learned that you must hope for the best but plan for the worst, I am looking into my next steps should the appeal be denied.

On Twitter I wrote: I read they can take up to 60 days to review. At least my appeal wasn't immediately rejected, hope is my drug of choice.

This week was been a planned easier segment in my training. I spent yesterday redoing my schedule, planning four 20 mile runs and alternate weeks of shorter marathon pace efforts. There are only 70 days to the race, with the taper taking the last 14.

If my appeal is successful, I will have to travel to ProCare to get my new prostheses. I am not sure if it will take one of two trips to get the process done. Since it has been several months since my initial test socket, it may need to be redone. Parts will need to be ordered, everything put together and then final adjustments based on my input.

Not unlike changing running shoe models, it sometimes takes several weeks in the new prosthesis before small issues make themselves known, issues that can cause blistering, skin abrasions, or worse. Whereas the foot has fat pads and the ability to callus to protect itself, the residual's skin  was never designed to be used as a foot. It can toughened somewhat from continuous irritation, but usually only in areas where the fit is bad.

Trying to fit this into my schedule will be challenging and would have been completely avoided had my claim been approved last November. Being pragmatic, I will have to wait and not let any negativity adversely affect my running. Outside of an injury and sometimes far worse, having negative thoughts can make running a disaster. When my leg is hurting I do get frustrated, knowing the source of the pain is completely avoidable. It is a test when the answer, not running, is not the answer.


Aside from the prosthetic issue, it was a very, VERY good week when members of TeamPisano stepped up with several donations for the IFOPA. Those who knew The Greatest were asked by Randy to help, and help they did. Sue, Colleen, Kim, and Heidi all pitched in and moved the progress bar several notches toward our goal. You can join these warriors here.

"Go Jay Go! You changed my life. And we love you."
- Kim's tribute to Jay

I will have the great honor to meet many of these heroes over marathon weekend. Running with Randy, having many along the course cheering, see how this day continues to grow brighter in my mind, and why I can let nothing stop me. And nothing we stop us. Because

Impossible.       Is.       Nothing.

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