Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Thousand Steps

From left, moi, Ashley, and James
Yesterday we finished up with the test socket fitting at ProCare. I had hoped to run 4 miles on the treadmill in the morning, but after 20 minutes I got a message that the internet was down at the office. Oh joy and happiness. So back to my room and laptop for some troubleshooting. With my appointment coming up, I packed up and headed out.

Even with the added stress of the office without net access, I could not lose my happiness in seeing our SuperStar friend Ashley. Her mom Carol, sister Emily, niece Mia, and friend James would join us for lunch.

I ran for another 20 minutes on the treadmill in the gym at ProCare to see if any of the initial sensitivity I often get in my limb would appear. It did not show up. Good. As in good riddance!

Next my "everyday" foot was installed on the test socket. I am having this prosthesis set up to double for trail running. The blade is not suited for some of the trail runs Eagle Endurance concocts like the Almost 9 Miler Trail Run. It is a fantastic course, many lowcountry vistas best experienced on foot, or rather feet. When Jato and I ran it, I spend most of my time planning my right footstep to miss a root or depression in the ground. I spent nanoseconds enjoying the views.

I ran over some roots on the side yard at ProCare, then over some loose gravel and rocks on a small rise near the drive entrance. Running on a blade and on a shoe are very different animals; the shoe definitely handles these terrain changes better, but is not as natural as blade running has become to me. I did my first running on a much less advanced prosthesis with a shoe, so although this felt a little odd it was not unexpected.


Just before I started this trail run test, Ashley arrived and they waited in the lobby while I finished up. Sometimes the thought comes to mind about how my life has changed, that my desire to run again had bought me to this place, to meet these people - these friends. I would not have been here today but for a lifetime of circumstances that brought me to this place, this now. How improbable that I was here, and how strangely blessed I was to be here, more than I could imagine.


We caravanned to a local restaurant and enjoyed a good meal. I was interrupted by work twice, but we finally resolved the internet issue so that was a relief. So good to hear old and new stories and, of course, the plans for Boston. Ashley's first race will be The Color Run on April 6. Since this is so close to the marathon we won't be attending, but I know it will be one fantastic day for Team Ashley. Join her team for this fun event if you can!


Started this Thursday off with another work issue, but since I don't go to ProCare until later this afternoon I wasn't pressured as much. We are getting near the finish line for the new prostheses, but I will be coming back in two weeks to make sure my new inserts fit and take care of any issues I may uncover as I continue my training.

I plan to participate in a walking and running study at Georgia Tech Friday evening and Saturday morning, then back to home later that day. It has been a great trip so far and one I really don't mind making in the least. We've had to work hard to make this happen, and soon I will have...magic legs. They will help me fly.

45 days to go.

Band of Brothers

Impossible is Nothing 

- Jason Pisano

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