Monday, February 11, 2013

Two zero!

I did it. 20 miles. 10 on the treadmill while watching "Rocky IV" and then a segment of "Into the Wind." I suited up with the Camelbak and ran 10 more on the roads. It went a little better than I expected; I kept a slow pace and stopped for a few moments every mile to gather myself. I also started taking my gels every 3 miles which tells you how slow I was going.

Around mile 19 my leg started to crave some attention, but it wasn't loud enough to stop me. It feels very much like a friction burn going on. My guess is it is the tissue moving over the bone with the sensation coming from inside my leg, not on the skin's surface.

I did finish strong if not fast, and held onto the mailbox for a few moments thinking of my accomplishment, of what I was training for. Of Ashley and our dream to stop FOP. It occurs to me now this was the very spot I decided to run for the IFOPA before the Charleston Marathon. I thought of The Greatest and how I would be running with his brother and Mike in April. I thought of Jennifer being able to run with Kelly on the same day. And I thought again of what I have been through to make this happen. It overwhelms me.


Today I hope to hear BC/BS has approved my appeal for new prostheses. It could be later this week but I was told I would get a call today. I am managing my feelings, mainly because although my current socket hurts at times, it is not stopping me in my tracks at this point since I lowered my mileage and adjusted my training. My biggest workouts are over the next 6 weeks and I do worry that it could cause trouble at any time. Some longer workouts I feel I must do to be able to run the marathon without blowing up and I can't replace them with shorter runs.

Assuming I am approved, I will contact ProCare and see when they will be able to schedule me in. This will be a little tricky with my current workload and training plan but of course I can adjust my priorities.

If denied then on to Plans B, C, and D - possibly concurrently. I am dearly hoping that we can move on and not have to continue this process, but that is out of my hands. 

So now I wait.

And hope.


  1. I knew you'd do it. Well pretty much knew. Hoped anyway. :-) Glad that hurdle is over. Next!

  2. You can get there from here, Cap'n!