Sunday, February 10, 2013

Two oh!

In an hour or two I will be starting my first 20 miler of my Boston training. I should have already had two in the books, but considering this time last year I was recovering from knee surgery with my Boston dream settling in the dust it's all good.

I ran a 19 miler back in December and 18.5 miles last week. Still, 20 miles is a milestone in marathon training, and it has been over a year since I ran one. My confidence has swung back and forth while thinking of this run today. Mentally I believe I can do it, physically I believe I can do it, prosthetically it is not possible to know if I can do it.


This past week our company's insurance agent arranged a conference call with our HR person, the director of insurance appeals, and myself. I should receive an answer on my prostheses next week. At this point nothing is certain due to the process that must be followed by BC/BS. However, the situation does not appear to be written I will be flatly denied, which does give me hope and eases my anxiety.

If denied then we will definitely fight on, but more delays at this point may mean I will not have the leg in time for Boston. On the plus side I have been able so far not to let this distract me, as I've mentioned negative thoughts can destroy a run with ease. While I am compromising my training with the ill-fitting socket, my mileage with 2 shorter runs many days is still reasonable if on the low side. The big question remains doing the long runs and longer interval sesssions; so far they have not returned me to crutches after those workouts.

My rough plan today is to do 4 miles on the treadmill, 6 miles (possibly with Jennifer) in the hood, then 10 miles to complete the 20. The weather will be very pleasant so shorts, short sleeves and sunscreen will be the garb, blissful compared to our New England friends in and around Boston who have just experienced a blizzard.

Nemo Visits Boston 2013 (Photo: Kim Gulko)
Time to get off the couch and prepare for battle. This will take most of the daylight hours now and I hope my next update will be about a successful 20 miler.

It is a good day to run!

63 days to Boston!

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