Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sand, Surf, and FOP

Ashley on her way to catch a wave

When I saw the pics of Ashley with a group at the 2010 ACA (Amputee Coalition of America) attendees going surfing, I was struck first and foremost and yet again by her courage, her courage to live life every day without fear.  I think about my recent concerns, okay, whining, about running downhill on a bridge and then I look at this pic and, get a grip.

At 57 years of age, I am still learning. I remember as a kid climbing trees; not so much out of fearlessness as not understanding mortality and the knowledge we are not immortal. Things break. Some cannot be fixed. How far do we go out on that limb?

As a runner, we know the race is going to hurt. It is exceedingly rare that a fit runner of good health will die from the effort - although at the time it may seem like a good idea. Yet when we are done and can reflect on our achievement, we'll often say we had fun. FUN.

Entering my marathon program I think on my friend's courage, her pure bravery, her faith in friends and family.

So yeah, I may be leery of running downhill on a blade with a leg that can't brake very well, but I am going to RUN DOWNHILL. Echoing the words of every kid, "Look Ma, no hands!"

Or skin.


Please help us defeat this disease.  Any donation is the one that might bring the cure to light and joy. Will you be the one to do it? Here is your chance. You can doooo it!

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  1. We all never stop learning, as far as I'm concerned. When I read what you are achieving it has the same effect.