Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Steadfast Tin Soldier

I have this video on VHS tape from a long time ago. For some reason - or none at all - I was thinking about this story today. I was looking to buy it on DVD when I came across this site that has the entire animation on the lower left part of the page here. The story can be read here.

The last time I watched some of it was before Christmas 2008 with the family. I knew what I was planning to do, what I had to do, but it was not scheduled yet. I left the room because I knew what was to come.

No, I am no hero, never will be. Those souls are on the USS Arizona. At Ground Zero. In many lonely and lost and never visited places around this planet. But I can say I understand as I never could, and think perhaps this video can help you understand too.

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