Sunday, October 31, 2010

18 Down, 8.2 To Go

Yay! I made my 18 miler today. Sure it was very  v  e  r  y   s  l  o  w  but my socket did not stop me from completing my appointed rounds. It was a little warmer than I would have preferred, in the upper 70s, but I had a nice breeze now and then and never overheated.

Resting at mile 10

I had to stop several times to hit the reset button the final 8 miles. At my last rest stop, one of my nurses from Roper happens to be running by and we have a quick cool! I knew I would finish after that exchange, and finish I did. It had been exactly one month since my 17 miler and now I should be able to squeeze in four 20 milers to be minimally prepared for my marathon on January 15.

A 10k race next week...I will take it easier before my next big push, a 20 miler the following week.


  1. Fantastic news, well done Richard!

  2. Thanks guys...I will be glad to get some of these longer runs in, especially the 20 milers.

    Hope everyone's training and racing is going well!

    - Richard

  3. excellent job! very exciting :)