Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Slice and Dice

My test running socket finally did me in on Sunday. I had a 14 mile run planned with a set of long intervals split with 6 miles easy and then another 2 threshold mile. My intention was to do most of the first half of the workout at the track and then finishing on the road.

After first going to the Mondo town track at Park West and finding "Children's Day" was taking place, I headed over to the old town track at the municipal complex where I have logged many miles and intervals in the past. There was an Ultimate Frisbee came going in the infield but no where near the distraction of a hundred school kids like at the other track during the weekdays.

To protect the skin on the back of my knee from further damage, I had applied two large band-aids above and below the crease in the knee. The one below was to protect the area where the text socket was intent on skinning me, and above where I think I had some pinching of the liner causing a hotspot.

As soon as I started my warm-up jog I felt pinching of the band-aids. After much monkeying I took them both off, regretting I did not have any additional Aquaphor with me. I spread around some of the excess lubricant on the problem spots and resumed my workout.

It was a little warm but not the horrors of summer. Although I knew I was taking a chance on this workout causing more skin problems, I decided I had to do it because I am so far behind in my training. I had to go in next week to get the socket adjusted anyway and I needed a quality workout; the easy days will have to wait.

The workout went quite well but I was afraid of what my knee might look like since I felt some burning, so I waited until I got home to inspect it. It was nasty, the skin had sloughed off revealing the raw layer beneath. Done and done in.

Scott Rigsby sent me a link to an ointment to try which has great lubrication and a strong antibiotic. Oh, and it is for animals.

I am an animal!
I hope to do my midweek speedwork and then take it easy until the half marathon on Sunday. With the adjusted socket the owie should be out of harm's way at the trim line. As long as I can keep it protected it should be healed by then or close to it....seems to take my skin about 10 days to recover from such breeches without assistance from the vet.

Where do we go from here? Only time will tell. 13.1 miles of it.


  1. That's the ticket; relax and let nature do its healing. you'll rock that half buddy!!

  2. I have been using my top secret stare-at-it-until-it-heals remedy. It is looking better today, I might cover it in goop and do a short run in the adjusted socket tonight to see if it bothers the same area. If that is good I'd still like to get in some 1200s tomorrow afternoon.

    Thanks for the support, Myron. I do appreciate it!

    - Richard

  3. i concur- you are an animal! Way to keep up the amazing work- that half is all yours!!!

  4. Wow you guys are the best! It's not been the best week but I do know once I am on that starting line the small distractions will fall away.

    Sincere thanks.

    - Richard