Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blood, Sweat, and Expletives

I attempted a short run at lunch today at the track, wanting to do some easy miles and 4 x 200 to stretch the legs out for the race on Saturday. After running 4 miles I could feel soreness in my socket, specifically, just below the knee at my old friend, the tibia tuberosity. I had swelling with a spot that looked like a blood pimple. Yes, I cursed.

This is NOT my kneecap but irritation/swelling at tibia tuberosity
At home I pricked the skin and drew off some blood and fluid, sending a pic to my CP. This last socket adjustment failed spectacularly; I cannot run long and I may be in a precarious place to run the Lt. Dan 5k on Saturday. An appointment has been made for Monday, so we'll see what's next.

My marathon training is officially behind now, and I will be lucky to finish it without a struggle at this point IF I can get a socket that fits. I gave myself plenty of training time to allow recovery from the inevitable owies (and then some) of training, but I am out of precious breathing room.  I realize not many amputees run marathons, but I know we can do it and run much further, so this is not an impossible thing. We'll get it fixed one way or another because failure is not an option.  



  1. not an option = love. you can do it!

  2. damn right failure is not an option. it ain't even in the dictionary, right?

  3. Hey Myron...something tells me you know this truth. The socket fit is key to amputee running, it is much more critical than just walking. Every person is different and the limb is always changing, which is why few are successful with athletes.

  4. Hang in there Richard. It will all come together and you'll make it. Everyone is behind you all the way.