Friday, September 10, 2010

Adding It Up

I am feeling anxious about the race tomorrow, I have a vision of having to limp in with a sore leg and being frustrated with my lack of progress.

I am feeling anxious about the race tomorrow, I have a vision of running faster than I have trained and being surprised with my progress.


Tomorrow's half marathon will be the truth trial. This morning while driving into work, I made a mental ledger of my race prospects:

The Good
  1. Tibia swelling better
  2. Speedwork has gone well
  3. Have run a 16 miler in training
  4. Have run in summer heat - race will be warm/humid
  5. No other physical problems 
The Bad
  1. New socket just feels uncomfortable, very aware of pressure on stump
  2. Skin is broken at tibia tuberosity but healing
  3. Last two long runs shortened due to socket issues
The Ugly
  1. It's going to be warm to hot and humid
  2. I have gained 5 lbs
I ran 6 miles last night to make sure the protective bandaging efforts on the tibia worked, which they did. However, for the entire run it felt like my residual was in a vice grip. I've had this sensation before and it usually fades but not this time. I can only guess that since we are putting less pressure on the knee that it has been transferred to the lower residual limb. My residual was tender after the run which does not instill confidence that it will not bother me tomorrow.

I plan to run 4 on the treadmill today and play with my prosthetic socks to see if I can improve this distracting sensation. I've taken a couple of ibuprofens to help relief the tenderness. The discomfort is not horrible, but it takes my focus off my effort and makes it difficult to concentrate on a difficult endeavor.

It is quite possible what I am feeling is the result of the prior socket not fitting correctly, however it gave me no problems with the comfort of the lower residual. I should get some answers this weekend, then see what the next step will be. Right now I can't imagine running a marathon with this level of discomfort.

Getting the fit adjusted in the prosthetist's office and the running far in it is all part of the trial and error gauntlet I must pass through. There is no way to walk up and down a hallway or run a few steps in a parking lot and compare that to running 15 miles on a hot summer day; the results will vary.

Tomorrow will bring some answers and likely raise some more questions.

One about bears and woods perhaps.


  1. I feel your anxiety. While I don't necessarily understand the unique challenges of running as an amputee, I do understand the anxiety and uncertainty that injuries can bring. I'm sorry to hear about your discomfort and the tenderness. I think you are doing quite well to heed the signs of your body and avoid pushing too much.

    No matter what happens in your race, the outcome will help you in your journey to achieve the larger goals. As you say, it's all part of the trial and error process.

    We're supporting you - and benefiting from the inspiration you give. Good luck - and have fun! Keep a smile on your face, and let your legs do what they can, and keep your brain from pushing them to do what they are not ready for yet. :)

  2. I am writing this as I try to find the most comfortable prosthetic sock fit for tomorrow. Thank you for taking the time to offer the kind words and know they are taken to heart. Coming from an Ironman, I know you speak from that training gold we call experience.

    It made me smile a day early. ;-)