Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jen-nay, Lt. Dan, and Me

Forrest: Lieutenant Dan? Lieutenant Dan! 
Lt. Dan: Hello, Forrest.
Forrest: You got new legs. New legs!
Lt. Dan: Yeah, I got new legs.
Lt. Dan: Custom-made titanium alloy. It's what they use on the space shuttle.
Forrest: Magic legs.


Jennifer and I are going to Beaufort, SC, this weekend to run in the Beaufort Shrimp Festival Lt. Dan 5k. When I signed us up for this race - obviously I had to - I imagined we'd we running in the quaint streets of this picturesque village made famous by movies like "Forrest Gump" and "The Big Chill."


We are mostly running over a bridge, starting in the town and then heading south on Hwy 21 to Meridian Road as seen here. I was a little disappointed about this development because I had hoped to have a fast time at this race; crossing a bridge will slow me going up and I'll have to be very careful going down since I'll have less control over the blade.

Well..."Life is a box of chocolates, Forrest. You never know what you're gonna get."


Lt. Dan: Now, you listen to me. We all have a destiny. Nothing just happens, it's all part of a plan. I should have died out there with my men! But now, I'm nothing but a goddamned cripple! A legless freak. Look! Look! Look at me! Do you see that? Do you know what it's like not to be able to use your legs?
Forrest: Well... Yes, sir, I do.


  1. good luck! i can't wait to see how you rock it. bummer that the course isn't ideal though. regardless you'll beast it :)

  2. I'll do a little running on a nearby bridge on Friday to gain some experience, will need to do this anyway to prepare for the Cooper River Bridge Run next year. Thanks for the vote of confidence, it will be a good run!

    - Richard

  3. Richard - I'll be thinking of you this weekend - hope you guys have a great trip, a great race, and of course enjoy some quality SC Coastal Shrimp, (Very Jealous!).

    Doing a little tune-up 5K Saturday here in TX gearing up for that 10K on the 17th to run my "CRBR time".

    Wish me luck - can't wait to race with you this spring! Best, J

  4. Joe, I have redefined what I think you will run at CRBR, but don't want to tell you so you don't run it before the race. :-)

    I'd like to say we'd save you some shrimp, but I am unable to promise that given the inspirational setting.

    Good luck with your 5k and then the big CRBR high-speed qualifier at IBM! Did you see they will be doing multiple wave starts at CRBR next year? Everyone will have a chance to run their best time in 2011.

    - Richard