Friday, February 14, 2014

The Four

8 miles today, 2 on the treadmill, 6 outside.

The temperature is rising and I throw on a short sleeve shirt. It is the same shirt I wore in the 1997 Chicago Marathon. It is the same shirt I wore under my IFOPA singlet in the Boston Marathon. It is black and I always think of Peter Snell, the great New Zealand runner.

I start whistling Blackbird as I ready myself for the run in the neighborhood. An easy day, with the purpose of fatiguing the legs a bit before Sunday's long run.

I go around our block and onto the path to the open field beyond.

I see them.

Three crows on my right and I think I of...and from behind a cart sign the fourth hops into my field of vision.

I slow. I soften my steps. The little miracle happens.

Krystle. Martin. Lu. Sean.

The four do not fly away. 

I run on. I do not look back.


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