Sunday, February 16, 2014

60 at 60

This marks the halfway point of my Boston marathon training plan. Today I was to run 20 miles with the last 4 at marathon pace (MP). Mile 16 was partially run on the steep downhill of the Ravenel bridge; I held back a little and was able to hit the average MP. It did take some focused effort, but so much better than my 2013 training where often I'd have to walk or take some unplanned rest breaks.

I look forward to who and what I will see on my long run. Going up the bridge I got a high five from a couple; on the return trip Jim introduced himself and joined me for the downhill run. There were other waves and acknowledgements to and from my fellow runners soaring high above the Cooper River.

End of the Line
At the end of my 20 miles I was not quite to the Pilot parked near the great oak tree; I decide to push on and reach my finish line at 20.15 miles. I am tired but my spirit is filled with accomplishment. I finished strong and not with a death march. My confidence is building. This 60 year old one footed runner has run 60 miles this week.

8 more weeks until the marathon, 6 weeks of hard training then the start of my taper. The marathon has always kicked my butt and I suspect will feel confident it can do the same this year. I suppose the odds are it will, if so not because I haven't prepared. I am already in better shape than last year, I haven't had any indication of cramping, and I am hitting my training goals.

April 21. I am doing all I can to be ready for you. Embrace us all.

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