Friday, May 21, 2010


I did it.

As I was finishing my 4 mile tempo run yesterday evening, I was running through a small traffic circle that feeds two neighborhoods. Cars were coming around on the far side so I wanted to cross the road before they came down our road; since this was a tempo run I really didn't want to slow down or stop for them. No pedestrian in their right mind, no matter how clearly a crosswalk is marked or what lights are flashing, steps out into the street in SC without making sure Mr. and Mrs. Bubba are going to stop for them, because most times they don't and will be much obliged to run you over.

As I crossed the road and made a faster than usual right turn to head for home, Jato decided to lag behind and caught the pavement. As I was falling I knew I was indeed going down and would not be able to regain my balance. (Speaking of balance, I should to now mention I was wearing some favorite New Balance running gear.) Right hand, then left arm and shoulder took a hard knock on the asphalt, and I felt the sting of missing skin.

 It's just a scratch

As I picked myself up and checked for owies, a neighbor who was driving by stopped and asked if I needed help or a ride home. I was bleeding a moderate amount and did not feel like I had broken anything. Thanking the guy, I  said something 'I'm okay, I was expecting this to happen sooner or later' as if he would totally understand what I was talking about.

I jogged home, cutting the run a little short although I was thinking of finishing up...I felt the wounds needed to be cleaned. I also thought that, hey, the next 2 days are easy runs so I wouldn't miss any quality training for the Bolder Boulder 10k on Memorial Day. Yeah, it is all about priorities.

Jennifer helped patch me up and today I am quite sore on my left side. As I was mentioning to a friend on FB, I think I need a Sumo wrestler suit that auto inflates like a vehicle airbag when it senses a fall. We think this can lead to riches beyond our wildest dreams.

That's what I'm talkin' about!


  1. Oh no! Take it easy and keep it together for the race now. Hope you heal up soon.

  2. Richard, I'm sorry about the wipe out but I'm so glad you are okay!! By the way, can I get one of your sumo suits?? Too funny, I definitely could use one too:) Kudos for finishing a tough run. Can't wait to hear how the 10K goes, I think it is memorial day right? I'm sure you will do a fantastic job! Have a great weekend.:)) Madeleine

  3. Hey Ian,

    I still had plenty of first aid supplies from my surgeries so I was able to patch up in style.

    I'll be fine for the race, looking forward to some time off, seeing the Rockies, and running with 40k friends!

    - Richard

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  5. Yep, those suits could come in handy throughout the day, mine would probably stay inflated.

    We will be doing the Bolder Boulder 10k, we've done it once and it is quite a spectacle. I will definitely have a full race report.

    We will not be here in time for the Charleston 9 race, hope you have a good race!

    - Richard