Monday, May 24, 2010

No Fibbing

Tomorrow I will be going to get my new carbon fiber running socket. My current plastic sockets are responsible for this nastiness, which is swelling over the fibula head due to the poor fit and running 10 miles yesterday and 40 miles for the week:

I could barely walk in my prosthesis today due to the pain and pressure, so I called for an appointment and found my new socket will finally be ready just in time. The problem is as an athlete, even a small socket hotspot can cause such a large problem, and I need to never try to 'run through' something so uncomfortable unless it happens to be in a goal race where I can afford some down time afterward.

I had planned to take today off from running, and will take tomorrow off should the swelling still be so pronounced as to make even the new socket uncomfortable. My plans were to run 4 x 1 miles at the track tomorrow evening, but with the Bolder Boulder 10k coming up, I can't afford to let this thing get out of control and possibly compromise my skin...there is already some redness there.

We'll see how tomorrow goes. To run the distances I need to run for marathon training, this fit problem will be solved over the next few weeks because I know it can be. And will be.


  1. Richard - so sorry to hear about the pain and discomfort you have been experiencing - what you do is truly amazing.

    I was very happy to hear however that your new gear is ready and it sounds like just in time.

    Best with your new equipment and keep on truckin'! You are the man. Best from TX, J

  2. Hey Joe,

    Yeah, I was expecting the socket sooner but apparently some custom work that was being done took longer than expected...I should have had it before this incident happened. Small setback but should not have happened.

    Hated coming into work on crutches today but I didn't want to irritate the leg further.

    See you next year here:

    - Richard