Friday, May 14, 2010

Race Nerves

Since about Wednesday I have been having a case of pre-race nerves, more along the lines of the butterflies and anxiety I would have before high school track meets.

This will be my first race with Jato, my running blade, and I am aware of this milestone in a brighter light which contributes to the stage fright. I am very concerned about falling, because it is so easy to trip right now if I lose concentration. I have to avoid acknowledging others show of support because I tend to drag the prosthesis when I look up and around. I am getting better at this every week, but I still scuff the blade at times, more often when I walk in it than not. It's not the act of falling that concerns me, but breaking a wrist or collarbone in the process.

As my friend Rajesh Durbal said to me on Facebook; good luck! i've fallen a few times..u will be fine. tuck and roll :o)

I hope I remember these words of wisdom on my way to meeting MacAdam.  = ;-O


  1. Richard, we are praying for a great run for you tomorrow and wishing you all the best!!! I know you can do it and btw, not just finish, but smoke the competition. We are cheering for you from SC! Have a great race and enjoy the run!!

  2. I had a better than expected race, Madeleleine, thank you for the prayer push! :-) Will try to get a race report posted shortly.

    Unofficially 25:51, 2nd in AG.

  3. Congrats on your 5K and placing... just makes you proud. Can't wait to see the blade,,, any racing stripes,, or orange and red flames on the Blade:-)


  4. Hey bro,

    I have quit guessing when the new socket will be delivered, hopefully before we see you for BB. Looking forward to meeting Wrigley too!

    - Richard