Monday, May 3, 2010

Physically Challenged Division at the Cooper River Bridge Run - BIG NEWS!

I just got a call from Anna, assistant to my CP Larry Wiley at Floyd Brace.

This Friday, May 7, we are going to meet at the Cooper River Bridge Run office to discuss creating the Physically Challenged Division!

I believe this can become the premier 10k race for disabled athletes due to the incredible organization that would be behind the event. It is a tough course for the able-bodied athlete, and more challenging for the disabled...but we will embrace it and climb higher!

More news as it develops!


  1. Fantastic news, Richard!!! Thank you for sharing and please keep us posted. Fingers crossed :))))

  2. Will do Madeleine! I think it will happen, just a matter of coordination. Hope to have good news later on Friday!

    Btw, small factoid: my neighbor in Summerville, Marty Long, WON the 2nd CRBR women's division.