Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Random Thoughts Part IV

It seems no day I pass through now does not show me some glint of magic. Nothing that I have missed, but more polished and sharper in my sight.

I found how much more I could love something that I thought I could not love more.

There are heroes all around us and one inside every human being.
The drum bangs within.

I ran 7 miles with the tune "Mai Nozipo" performed by the Kronos Quartet. I first heard this music in the movie "Fearless," a favorite of mine. This may be my prerace music for a long, long time. Feets gotta move.

I feel I have lived one life as able-bodied and now a new life as an amputee. I think the day I came home from rehab was that birthday, the unknown became real. It seemed I was learning a new language for the new life and was lost between worlds.

I consider myself a lucky man. Others have suffered far worse and do so even now.
Execute. Cancer. Now.


Out of great suffering comes the music to move men's souls.

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