Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mixed Bag

This week was a mixed bag. I had hoped to run a few more miles and was on track to do 38, but toward the end of the week I started feeling some twinges in my Achilles; on Thursday I noticed some swelling indicating some damage. Hard to say what caused this unpleasantness, I suspect the grades on the bridge may have contributed to it as some injuries take a while to make themselves known.

Regardless, although I'd like to ignore it, at my age and experience I know that is a recipe for disaster. So I took Saturday off completely and shortened my Sunday long run to 5 miles. I had hoped to run 9 miles today and certainly could have had I been willing to gamble, which I was not.

So my mileage this week was 3, 6,7,4,5,0, and 5 for 30 miles total. On Tuesday I ran 4 miles at noon and 2 in the evening, with 8 x 2 minutes harder. It is possible I strained or added to my woes then, as at one point I accidentally ran faster than I intended, 6.7 mph instead of 5.7. My treadmill is not calibrated properly and is faster than it displays, so I only run according to effort most of the time and use the readings for reference. The cost to replace the parts and labor on my treadmill as about 60% what we paid for it, so I am going to wear it out before I get a new one.

On Friday I ran 5 miles with 2 at tempo pace, the last one at 9:15. I was holding back some in taking care of the Achilles, and I hoped last week when I scheduled this workout that I could go under 9 minutes. That will have to wait as staying mobile is my priority.

Like the rest of the country and world not experiencing global warming, we have been at near record low temperatures all week. I truly don't mind the cold weather as my residual does not perspire as much; I didn't have to dry it off during my slow Sunday 5-miler. I am hoping the leg is acclimating itself to life in the liner because before we blink it is going to be summer and hot with high humidity and folks finally complaining about...oh, nevermind. ;-)

We have a race this weekend, The Riverfront Festival of Races. I'm not sure if Jennifer will be able to run yet due to her ankle sprain, but I am still on target to do the 5k. Right now there is a 50% forecast for precipitation; I still have not run in the rain yet with my prosthesis and should I have to, I will waterproof it as best I can and see what happens.

With the Achilles acting up, I doubt I will be doing the Charlie Post 15k at the end of this month. We are not signed up for it yet, so I'll wait until just before the race to decide if I will run the 15k or 5k. This is a favorite local race of mine, held on Sullivan's Island. The weather always seems to be challenging, cold and wet and often windy, something to really lean into.


For next week I will take it relatively easy, monitoring the Achilles and hoping it responds to my therapy. It bothered me some in my able-bodied life and I was able to attend to it, so I will have to keep better tabs on it now. I have to admit I really hadn't thought about it much since my return to running but it hadn't forgotten me. I wouldn't have minded if it hadn't forgotten me.

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