Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Achilles da Pitts

My Achilles tendinosis seems to at least been caught quickly enough not to degenerate further, and I am taking two days off while doing ice/heat therapy and some very light eccentric exercises. I will make these part of my regular stretching and strengthening routine. I mean really, why is work interrupting all of this training anyway? :-)

I plan to run 3 very easy tomorrow, I would say "jog" as that is exactly what I will be doing yet, cannot. use. that. word. Occasionally I would tell an officemate who choose to use that word and most often I would simply say "I don't jog." I can't say that now although we know it to be true.

I very much hope to still run the 5k this weekend. If it is pouring rain I've decided I won't, not so much for concerns about running in the prosthesis as keeping the Achilles warm and not making that worse. A ruptured Achilles would ruin my day and I want no part of it.

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