Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Polar Paw

I ran 3 miles at noon today. Okay, OKAY I jogged 3 miles at noon today, first run since Sunday. I can't remember when a 2 day layoff seemed like 2 weeks but it does now. I took it very slowly and stretched the Achilles every mile, then some more afterward before dunking my dog in an ice bath.

Yep, you heard right, it hasn't been cold enough that my friend Rick Ball would suggest this as therapy for my ailing Achilles. I had to retrieve a bucket I used for this very thing with my dearly departed right foot, both for swelling after runs and then for Epsom salt soaking after my first foot surgery. The bucket was confiscated for house cleaning chores, so I held a covert operation and rescued it from this unsavory turn of events.

I filled the bucket in the bathtub, dumped the icemaker tray in it, sat down on the couch and poked my paw in the icy elixir. The thought came to mind that perhaps this was some sort of inside Canadian joke, but alas, I knew whereas it had all the markings of a "good one," that indeed ice baths help the body recover faster from hard workouts and promotes a healing response. It just works out on every level imaginable.

It will be about 24 hours before I know if the Achilles is responding to this, and if it feels no worse that would be good news, as I know it will take some time to fully heal. I will continue to do my exercises and ice/heat/massage as before, but will take Rick's advice to heart on this one. Right now, a few hours afterward, it feels good and I think I am on the road to recovery but there will be NO speedwork or longer runs until the body says so. Okay, there is that 5k this weekend so I will be evaluating my situation over the next few days.

I owe you one, Rick. The ice suit is in the mail.

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