Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Off Club Med

I haven't taken any Lyrica since last Thursday. I have been sleeping okay, usually waking at least once in the wee hours but usually able to return to unconsciousness in short order.

So right now I am on zero meds, except for allergy stuff as needed. I probably need something for cholesterol, but I am going to try to be better about what I eat and with exercise keep it controlled.


Tuesday: I just finished walking two miles on the treadmill. I'm probably going to do a good bit of preparation on the tmill since it is cooler inside and it's easy for me to doff the leg and dry the liner out. I had a little irritation at the top of the liner where the sleeve comes over it, I think I need to pull the sleeve up a little higher or maybe need a little longer one. I'll ask Larry when I see him next. Right now I don't have an appointment with him.

I do have an appointment with Dr. Ohlson in two weeks, which will be week 20 as it is 18 weeks post-op today. It's going to be great to walk in with the only limp the additional compression of my prosthetic foot, not because of any arthritic pain.

It is my plan to walk three miles this weekend, likely on Sunday. My right leg has atrophied and looks rather puny next to my left leg, which has been getting more work.


Wednesday: This morning I had a raw spot on my incision line, so I overdid it a little last night with the two miles. Oh well, a man's gotta find his limitations before he can know them. I am going to take some time off and let it heal again.

On Friday I'm going to have lunch with my physical rehab roommate, Joe Bresnahan. Joe is taking PT and I'm going to pick up my mom Betsy and meet Joe and his wife Rosa at the hospital cafeteria. I feel a connection with Joe, the same generation as my dad, a feeling of looking into a world almost gone.

The greatest generation indeed.

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