Sunday, August 30, 2009


I was feeling a little despondent over my setback, it seems a little silly that such a small injury could cause such a large problem. It's something like having a tiny splinter in your finger, an insignificant thing causing a great discomfort. I've run with plenty of blisters making every footstrike a tiny red revolution, but I crushed the revolt with suffering. The tables are turned now, and I have to wait for my conservative healing corps to fix what is broken.

It feels very odd not to have my prosthetic foot on. I am back on the crutches and I have the very real sensation that I should be able to put my right foot down, so real that I could see myself trying to do just that if I was a little distracted in my space cadet world.


Today - Thursday - I wore my prosthetic leg for the first time since last week. My friend Diane Williamson told me about tea tree oil, which I used over the past few days. It seems to have helped speed healing and I intend to try it as needed in the future.

I think I am going to need a slight adjustment with my prosthesis, I have a pressure spot on the inside the distal end. At first I though it might just be a sensation from not wearing the leg for a few days, but when I saw Larry last time he added a new valve and the fit seems a little different. I hate being a PITA but fit is all-important to help prevent skin breakdown issues.


TGIF! I fought rainy day traffic and saw Larry today for an adjustment to the leg. This made a big difference in comfort so I will start back walking tomorrow, and if the weather cooperates I will go for a short bike ride too.

I am thinking I might do a 2 mile walk at a local walk/race that Jennifer is considering in September. I have never participated as walker so this would be a first for moi. Since my last 2 mile jaunt landed me on the bench, I have to be careful not to overdo it again. But I'd really REALLY like to get back out there although as I think about it I'm not sure how I'll feel seeing all the runners milling about. I know how I'll feel, that I am now different even when I return to running.

And it is good.


We had a busy Saturday, and I was a little worried that I might have overdone it. Nope! This morning we took Baxter to the dog park and then over to PetSmart to get provisions for the herd. Back home for lunch, then off to Lowes to get some sod for the backyard to touch up where we had a patio installed. Jennifer and I installed the sod, then I seeded the weak spots. We finished off adding topsoil to the sod seams and a few bare spots. Watered everything and then time to check out the stump.

I dumped a quarter cup of sweat out of the liner, then washed and set it up to dry. Checked out the looked really good, no red spots indicating an owie.

Having only one liner right now means I can't wear my prosthesis while it is drying. Normally I do this at night and it isn't a problem, but sometimes it is a little inconvenient. I'm sure I'll have several liners as I move down the road to my definitive prosthesis.


It's Sunday and I've worked in the yard a bit. Cleaned the liner and then washed the sleeve, socks, and my shoes that were soiled from the manual labor. I'll probably walk a little on the treadmill later once everything has dried, or maybe go to the grocery store with Jennifer. We're having dinner with some friends this evening then it is Monday overnight.

On Tuesday, 9/1, I see Dr. Ohlson for a follow-up. Hoping to see some bones growing together at my bridge this time. I am looking forward to walking into the doctor's office with very little limp after my amputation 20 weeks ago.


Next week I will try to ramp up my walking and will be very attentive to any signs of irritation to the incision line. My plan is to try to jog a little after I walk 3 miles and have a healthy limb. It will be just a few strides at a time, as the added pressure will need to be absorbed and compensated for by the residual limb. I still have a long way to go but the worst is definitely behind me.

Climbing, climbing.


  1. I'm currently stuck in what I'm calling prosthetic purgatory. I had my leg 5 wks post op and my final suspension system 2 mos post op. I went bananas. I went snowboarding, I walked my big dogs 1 mile a day, donned my leg before I got out of bed and doffed late in the evening when I crawled back in bed. Chased my kids around the house, yard, school.....then my prosthetic started misfitting.....pushed through the pain, because that's what us athletes do. Ended up with a severe bone bruise on my tibia......had the prosthetic built out like a glove for like a week! Then as the swelling that had been in my knee from using a joint for the first time in 3 yrs, dissipated, my leg began falling straight down in the socket. I MacGyver'd the crap out of my leg to try to redistribute part of the weight back across my knee, and like an idiot pushed through again! I'm on my way up to my awesome leg guy to hopefully get some help out of purgatory, but where my knee swelling is gone, my stump is nicely swollen, and I'm getting this intense take your breath away pain in the back of my leg.

    I'm reading your prosthetic purgatory stories to make me feel better.

    Just because I simply cannot say this enough, your writings and blog have quite simply meant the world to me, and I hope to some day run along side of you!

  2. Best of luck Anna. I think you were in your leg far too early, there are so many volume changes the first year and especially first few months. The leg has much healing to do and bulling through the discomfort is a receipt for disaster. We MUST embrace patience as our friend.

    The residual will change for the rest of our lives, so being proactive and having a great leg is what we must insist on and require from our CPs.

    I had an intense pain in my newer sockets that we had to work on, with an Ertl it seems you must have a little more room at the bone bridge. Changing prothetists and getting into elevated vacuum has been key for me. It is less convenient that other suspension systems, but the comfortable fit and benefit for a healthy leg are extraordinary. Not every CP has the expertise to do this correctly though.

    I am glad I have helped if only misery loves company. :) It is worth all we need to do to run again, I have never regretted that decision one single moment.