Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Blues


I took today off and did little to nothing; I did do a simple upper body PT session but nothing more. I canceled my lunch plans since I would have had to travel without my prosthetic.

All I can do is wait for this to heal again. I emailed Larry (CP) but we didn't get a chance to talk today. I see Dr. Ohlson on 9/1 and I'll try to find out why this one area took so long to heal and why it continues to be a problem. The rest of the incision line looks quite good.

Since liners DO NOT BREATHE the skin cannot heal underneath it properly. I also had a problem where the sleeve fits on my thigh with rubbing my 2 mile walk last Tuesday. From last weekend and making real progress to this weekend and taking a big step backward is a little disheartening. The thing is I am still learning and this is part of the process. When I can wear my prosthesis again I will be more careful, wearing it less at work and taking days off from walking until I can discern if I have overdone anything. I am use to pushing through the pain and discomfort of running; I couldn't even feel this current problem arising.

I am hoping I can start walking again later next week. I imagine I will see Larry at some point to check out my fit. This is my second prosthesis and is still a temporary, being a heavy plastic socket with a steel post. Eventually I will have a carbon fiber socket and will want a titanium post. The lighter leg should help prevent problems too, since there will be less weight to aggravate any less than optimal fit.

Nothing to do but be patient now, and hopefully a little smarter in the future. Both are lifetime endeavors of mine.

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