Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Stroll

After 2 miles on the treadmill I suited up and head out for the remainder of my ad hoc 15 mile run. My plan was to go as slow as I needed while not putting any extra stress on my residual. As I got my Camelbak ready, put on my i.d. and FOP bracelets, I could feel the first signs of discomfort in my prosthesis. I entered the church of denial.

Swelling nearly 6 hours post run
With my ill-fitting prosthesis, I have found whenever I stop my residual often gets very sensitive. So today there would be as few of these as I could manage, which I did until the last 3 miles. The day would be a warm one which I received with mixed blessings. At my speed it would more welcomed than if I was running faster and generating more body heat.

It wasn't a great run, but it was one I needed to get done. After mile 12 I stopped at every mile to take a break, not walking but standing still while taking long drinks. The first few steps running were extremely uncomfortable, but once I got underway the worst of the pain disappeared and allowed me to manage my, why yes let's call it what it was, jog.

My total run time was over 3 hours. I jogged all the way to the front door to avoid my residual going into revolt, which it did once I walked into the house. I grabbed the crutches to ease my pain and headed to the shower.

Last Sunday I was on crutches all night after the 8 measly miles, but after my shower this afternoon I was able to squeeze my swollen leg into my prosthesis and walk without the sticks. I still have intense sensations in the residual, just short of pain but the feeling remains that I would love to put that missing doggie in a cool, mountain stream like the Little Pigeon River.


I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will get Dr. Ohlson's notes tomorrow so I can continue my appeal with BC/BS. In the meantime, I will continue to do all I can to run without being further disabled by my ill-fitting prosthesis. Jato has been a great companion to me and once reconstituted, just like me, will be ready for the battle that is Boston.

It will not be the time I know I can do, but it will be a time that is all I can do. And I won't settle for less.

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