Monday, January 7, 2013

Frustration City

This will be as short as my long run yesterday.

I was scheduled to run 20 miles - my first at that distance in over a year - and made 8 before my residual limb hurt so much in my socket that I had to quit. I tried to bull my way through the run, having to stop every few minutes to try a difference prosthetic sock fit that would ease my pain. Nothing worked.

After my shower I had to force my swollen leg into my old plastic "convenience" prosthesis. This prosthesis was made about 3 years ago when my residual was far larger and my leg usually slips right into it.

The swelling at the distal end of my fibula made it nearly as large and was longer than the tibia. Jennifer had to retrieve my crutches from out in the garage so I could walk. Yes, I cursed a bit and it wasn't about fiddlesticks either.

The thing is, detailed here, I knew I needed a new prosthesis and had been fitted with a test socket while awaiting insurance approval. I was denied. So now I am experiencing swelling, skin breakdown, and an inability to run and now walk without pain not because of anything I did but because my insurance claim was denied.

I am very shocked this has happened, particularly since my insurance has been so good up to this point. We will be moving through the appeals process and I hope this can be dealt with quickly, because as I write this there is a mere 97 days until Boston. There is a good chance I will miss the Charleston half marathon either due to lack of training or, best case, I will be getting fitted for a new socket if the insurance comes through.

Living in Frustration City is not where I want to be. I will be stepping up my personal involvement soon as I just don't have a single day to waste as the starting line looms in Hopkinton. Far worse than denying me the prosthesis is denying me this race. It cannot happen.

Will not.

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