Monday, February 6, 2012


Saturday, just before noon, after considering my options, I decided to have the meniscus tear fixed. The operation itself is commonly performed and the success rate is high. My decision had been complicated by my desire, my dream, to run the Boston Marathon on April 16. I had wanted to train and run this race at a level I knew I was capable of. This is not to be.

Now, precisely like the Charleston Marathon, complications have undermined my goal. At best I will have 6 weeks to prepare for Boston. My fitness should return faster than before, but given the time I have already lost plus at least 2 weeks of no running will be my starting point. I could run close to optimal if I had 10 - 12 weeks; since this is not possible I will have to do my best with the time I have. Another life lesson?

Dr. Ohlson told me to text him when I made my decision, even though he was on vacation. Knowing what this race means to me, he had already made the arrangements that immediately put the wheels in motion to schedule my procedure. The surgery will be performed by Dr. John Graham, Jr., who Dr. Ohlson gave what I think is the highest recommendation: that he would not hesitate for Dr. Graham to operate on a member his own family.

I believe I may have briefly met Dr. Graham back when I first starting walking on my prosthesis. I am  confident I am in good hands and very happy I can get this procedure without delay.

I go into the care of the fine professionals of the Roper St. Francis hospital system with no anxiety whatsoever. The woman who took my information today knew I was trying to run Boston and was so supportive saying 'we will get you there.' Again I am reminded that when I arrive on the starting line in Hopkinton, it is through the efforts of a small army of healthcare professionals, the best people on planet Earth.

Tomorrow is a new day, a new start, another gift.

Run to it.


  1. Mr. Blalock, Roper St. Francis care givers are honored to be at your service! You are amazing!

  2. With deepest appreciation, thank you for all you've done for me and so many others. The amazing is seen every day... :)