Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Boston Receding

My knee is as swollen as it was after surgery. I have to say I see the dimming of the Boston light for 2012.


I had a large, the-heat-is-on kind of project at work that I simply had to do and was not able to elevate and ice nearly as much as needed. Being Wednesday as I write this, I should be able to take better care over the next 4 days. I have scheduled three physical therapy sessions next week; by the end of that week I will need some huge improvements to be able to start running to make it to the starting line of April 16.

Tomorrow I have a followup with Dr. Graham. On the plus side, I really don't have any discomfort in the meniscus area that was the source of this trouble. But given what I know of the body's ability to heal itself, I think my PT's assessment that I am 6 - 8 weeks from full recovery is accurate.

I suppose subconsciously or not, the idea of running Boston was once so far from me as to be unattainable, so it does not seem so strange it has moved away in its orbit from my desire. Yet here I am, on the entrant's list for the race I thought would be forever denied to me...and I cannot run a step.


To run Boston in 2013 means I will have to run another qualifying race before the September registration begins. This will require me to run a late spring or late summer race, the latter even more difficult to train for in our sub-tropical summer. I would train to cover the distance, which would be my base training that I would carry forward toward the 2013 race.

I can't let my mind think too much of the place it spent so much time in until now: being on that starting line with my friends and feeling the emotion of the day. The image of going from wheelchair to finish line is almost more than I can bear. So I tuck the thoughts away and dream again.

Of flying.

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