Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stop Pinching Me!

This pic show how my liner and socket conspire to pinch my flesh and remove my skin in small strips.

This is the liner next to the skin - note creases behind bent knee

My residual continues to shrink. Since the calf muscle doesn't fire unless I consciously make it move, it will atrophy.

Then you add prosthetic socks and a sleeve, making things even tighter with the socket
I have been unable to piece together consistent training weeks. Whenever I approach 50 miles, some problem crops up, like a swollen fib head or pinched, bleeding skin or one of the other inventive aggravations I have written about on this blog. I will be running the Charleston Marathon on the least amount of training of any of my able-bodied 26.2s.

From my view, I need a liner that is thin in this area and does not bunch up behind my knee; this would likely have to be custom fabricated for my leg. I am able to manage this with Aquaphor to some extent, but if it continues to happen I will need to look at alternatives. 

Today's run is a planned 15 miler, 5 easy and the 10 around marathon pace. Next week we have the Turkey Day 5k and another 20 miler over the weekend. Not much rest for me until the marathon taper; I will take extra days off during the week for recovery, but need to get these longer weekend runs in without fail to still salvage a respectable race. I believe I can do it....and not just do it.


  1. ouch! that definitely looks painful. best of luck during that 15 miler today.

    you totally can do this!

  2. Done mm! I put enough Aquaphor on it to qualify for BP cleanup funds afterward. Got started a little late and finished in the dark but ran well.

    Thanks for dropping by, time for me to visit my fav blogs while I recover.

    - Richard

  3. Glad to hear that you ended up running well :) Keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks...I hope I am out of the woods with these major socket issues, at least I know what to do when problems occur.

    Happy Thanksgiving!