Sunday, November 21, 2010

On Marathon Pace

After putzing around most of yesterday, I nearly put off my long marathon pace (MP) run until today. With a 5k on Thanksgiving Day I didn't want to chance having dead legs for the race, so I got motivated to get 'r done.

Usually I do 2 miles on the treadmill before heading outside, but I since my workout called for 15 miles total, the first 5 easy and then 10 at MP, I did all of my easy running inside. It was getting late by the time I was ready to start the 10, which would cause me to run a little fast to avoid running too far in the dark.

The run went well except for the fact I ran it a little faster than my plan. On raceday starting too fast will ruin all these months of training as those first miles will seem painfully slow. If there is one thing I have learned about pacing for a marathon, a fast start does not put money in the bank, but makes for painful withdrawals at the end. My last harder workout before the Charleston Marathon is a MP run, so I must do just that, run it at marathon pace, only allowing myself to go faster the last 2 miles.

On a good note, the skin behind my knee took no more damage that I could detect after the run. I had slathered on enough Aquaphor to raise the stock of petroleum companies to record highs and it worked. During my run I get some phantom pains occasionally, one in particular felt like on missing right big toe was plugged into an electrical outlet. Just a second or two, enough to get my attention and thankful it did not last longer. For most of the run I felt my gait was smooth and my effort even.

The main thing from now to raceday will be to stay healthy and not take chances. Since we are flying around Christmas, I need to make sure my immune system is strong at a time in training when it is under greatest stress. After that it is mostly taper, something I will take seriously to ensure my residual skin is very healthy, no areas of compromises. With great hope and crossed fingers, I think my socket issues are resolved to allow me to run this race without excuses or failure.


I have been talking to Ashley and Carol Kurpiel, making plans for their family visit for the race. We've decided to go to the race pasta dinner in order to participate in the race atmosphere. Since I have the marathon the following morning and must get up early to get my residual down to "race size," I need to be home early. Also I need to be fully rested, so I am taking two days off prior to the marathon to help get me off my feet as much as possible.

With the race 54 days away, I find anything I can do to remove any unknown factors helps put my mind at ease. No worries mate, that's for me.


  1. staying healthy is totally the name of the game here too!

    i have the tendency to go out fast. i'm just chomping at the bit to GO. i've found that on all my quality workouts i'm hitting paces slightly faster than i should be. hopefully neither one of us go out too fast on race day!

  2. I can see it has been hard for you to keep that talent reigned in, but if you are hitting the workings and not falling off considerably/dying on the last ones then I'd not be too concerned.

    All WRs are set at even or slightly negative splits which is a good model for all of us. Good luck at your race, be smart and light it up.

  3. steady as she goes... based on how well it's going, I'm expecting no less than a PR for you buddy! (no pressure) ;)))

  4. Myron I can guarantee an amp PR as long as I finish! :-)