Friday, August 27, 2010

Tibial Tuberosity Tweaking

Swelling at the tibial tuberosity

Here is a problem I've been having with my running prosthesis: that little swollen bump below the kneecap is called the tibial tuberosity. Being on the lean (or skinny in my youth) side this has always protruded a bit more on my legs. However, this swelling has been going on for a couple of weeks and I am concerned the skin will get irritated and raw if this continues.

I think I have figured out why this is a problem in my socket. When I am cast my leg is extended and the tibial tuberosity is not apparent; but when I bend my knee it protrudes quite noticeably. The residual volume changes are to blame, my left knee/tibia does not appear as bony but I can feel it under my skin.

So I am off to see Larry on Monday to have this looked at as well as a resoling of Jato. I've already had one significant adjustment with part of the socket cut lower below my knee. I had to give this some time to see if it would work since my leg was already swollen and it appears a more aggressive change will have to be made next time.

Although the swelling is pronounced, it is more in the uncomfortable category instead of the painful one back when I ran Boulder Bolder. With my mileage increasing and approaching the maximum I will do for this round of training, it will be good to get this fit issue corrected before I start my marathon plan.

 Rainbow Row (Photo: Charleston Marathon)

I am running nearly 50 miles a week - and already over 1000 miles for the year - and my leg may will need some time to adopt to the new stress. This is the main reason I will not run more than 60 miles a week in training for the Charleston Marathon, as I think more mileage than that for my first ampathon will increase the injury risk without substantially adding to the performance gain.

Thankfully I don't have any skin compromises going on like a blister or raw spot. The Aquaphor is preventing that so far but the swelling must be eliminated. It's also 2 weeks before my first half marathon as an amputee runner, so this house needs to be put in order.

Up this weekend: 16 or maybe 17 miles if I - and the tibial tuberosity - are up to it. Time to make the donuts, uh, ice!


  1. Osgood-Schlatters Disease?

  2. May have had some when I was a kid, but this swelling was caused by the tibia tuberosity rubbing on the patella bar of the hard socket. Left knee has no issues.

    - Richard