Friday, August 13, 2010

Kiawah Island Marathon Supports Challenged Athletes!

In the biggest of big news, the Kiawah Island Marathon will have Mobility Impaired Divisions at their race on December 11, 2010.

That's right, this year!

Shortly after signing up for the Kiawah half marathon a couple of weeks ago, I wrote an email requesting that this division be considered for their race. After a lukewarm reception by the Cooper River Bridge Run for an MI Division where no decision (AFAIK) has been reached, I was truly not expecting such a quick and warm embrace of the idea. In the last 10 years Kiawah has only had about 2 wheelchair participants; all in all disabled athlete numbers are a tiny fraction of any race. As an amputee runner, I have not seen a fellow MI athlete at any of my races, but that is about to change.

I received a response from Beth Puckett, with the Recreation Group Planning & Marathon Administrative Office for the race, and to my shock she said they would create Mobility Impaired Divisions for this year. Wow, what a great opportunity for mobility impaired runners to compete in their own division!

Already marathoner/ultra marathoner and Getting2Tri run coach Kelly Luckett has signed up for the 26.2, and I hope to hear from others soon.

If you are a mobility impaired athlete, please come run one of these outstanding races. My first marathon was at Kiawah in 1991, and I have run the half and now obsolete 5ks there over the years. I can attest to an outstanding organization that will not disappoint you. Due to the relatively small size of the island, the race has a participant cap. However, if you are a mobility impaired runner and the general registration is closed, write to Beth as mentioned on the marathon website and she will get you signed up. But don't wait, because the spots will not be held indefinitely, so I would encourage you to sign as soon as possible.

Here is what the race website says:

Mobility Impaired Runners

Individuals with permanent disabilities that affect ambulation and who would like to register in order to be put in this class for race result purposes, please register as usual and then contact Kiawah_marathon@Kiawah . A member of the Race Administration office will contact you and give further information.


Hope to see and meet some of my fellow amputee runners there. It's going to be a great day to run!


  1. It's amazing what you can do with some effort and determination. Strange how things start to open up, too! Brilliant, well done.

  2. Thanks Ian. The speed at which Kiawah acted to embrace the disabled was astounding. My part was relatively easy, the heavy lifting is done by the race organization. It has always been superb and it will be a very good day to run!