Sunday, July 26, 2009

Random Thoughts Part III

There is a mockingbird in the dogwood tree outside my window with a broken leg, trying to balance itself in a fork in the branches. Nature abhors an injury, perhaps this is why we try to push through ours.

Hate? I hate seeing this. I took out a pack of fig newtons and tossed them under the tree. Good thing Bubba didn't see me.


Before our last visit to Mepkin Abbey, I saw a monk in the grocery store on the wine aisle. As I got into my car the thought occurred that I should have asked him: what does God recommend?

Is there a "Last Supper" wine for sale? Didn't see any with a quick Google search.


It's a pleasant surprise when something itches on my right leg that I find I can scratch it, not some phantom sensation that has no physical part.


We are alone in ourselves. In the end, you only can count on yourself, no one jumps in your skin to help. The help comes from within and there the memories work their magic.


Below is a pic of "GA," a.k.a. Guardian Angel, a little figurine that Jen and I have personal ties with. Sometime around my amputation I realized GA's right foot was missing.

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