Sunday, July 5, 2009

Big Day

Moi, Nancy and Gary Starrett at Riverview Park
(S&L Photography)

We just got back from the unofficial Starrett family reunion. We also had to pick up Best Friend Baxter from grandma's (my mom), unpack, and then I did my leg exercises. I have been very bad about my PT this past week, no excuses, just didn't make time for them. I am back on the exercise wagon now, and I can say the upper body strengthening has come in handy in too-small handicap bathrooms, one where I had to lift my body over the wheelchair in order to turn around in the proper direction for business.

Right now I am wearing my liner for 45 minutes or so to test for skin allergies. My one incision spot continues to shrink. I feel certain it will completely heal this week. This is more time than I initially expected, but considering what was done, not unusual.

My book for in-flight reading was "A Victory for Humanity" by Dr. Dick Traum. I have nearly finished it and will have a separate post when I do. What a remarkable human being and how many lives he helped by helping others reach for the stars and to find them within. Within those blinded, diseased, broken bodies that we, for some reason, might consider freakish, even if those bodies belonged to a brother or sister or father or mother. Or child.

Tomorrow is a Very Big Day. I get my first foot some time after 10 a.m. I am very tired right now and need to veg a while. Tomorrow morning driving to Floyd Brace I will be thinking about how far I have come and where I am going: to Phase II.
Learning to walk and the run again...hey, it's déjà vu! Maybe this time I will learn to walk before I run, but we shall see where those first steps go.

I am hoping it's not making an impression of my giant head in the floor of patient room #5.


  1. Can't wait to read about the new foot!!!!!!!

    Ellen :)

  2. Thanks Ellen, leaving in a few minutes with one foot,hope to return with two. It will be the starter model, they won't let me drive the Porsche until I prove my mettle.